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We’ll help fix your tax issues and unsecured debt

Receiving a tax notice from the IRS, state taxing authorities, or a collection letter from a creditor can be stressful, damaging, and embarrassing. Tax collectors and the IRS have tremendous resources at their disposal to locate and seize your assets for the payment of tax and consumer debt.

As a taxpayer/consumer, you have the right to defend yourself by:

  • Letting an attorney represent you
  • Using your right to dispute the underlying tax and debt
  • Raise a request to stop the intrusive collection activity

Services at Your Disposal Include but Are Not Limited To:

  1. Collection Due Process Hearing (CDP)
  2. Installment Agreements
  3. 3. (A) Offer in Compromise Based on Doubt as to Liability
        (B) Offer in Compromise Based on Doubt as to Collectibility
        (C) Offer in Compromise Based on Effective Tax Administration 

  1. Currently Not Collectible
  2. Innocent Spouse Relief
  3. Taxpayer Assistance Order
  4. Collection Appeals Program (Cap)
  5. Amended Return
  6. Discretionary Audit Reconsideration
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