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Received a Tax or Debt Collection Notice? Let Us Help!


If you are confronted with a tax lien, levy, wage garnishment, or bank account seizure, our office will work to stop the collection activity immediately, and resolve your tax and/or debt matter in a swift, economical and efficient manner.

Remember, a “notice”—be it a tax or debt—is time-sensitive and requires quick action to protect your home, your rights, and your future. If you need immediate help, call our office for a free, no obligation telephone consultation.

Mark W. Straface

Mark W. Straface, J.D., LL.M., LL.M. is an attorney licensed in California and Colorado. He holds Master of Laws degrees in Tax Law and International Environmental and Natural Resource Law and Policy.

Mark is also authorized to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Tax Court, United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and several Federal District and State courts in California and Colorado.

Have You Received a Tax or Debt Collection Notice?

With experience comes confidence—and attorney Mark W. Straface has amassed more than twenty years of experience negotiating, and resolving tax and consumer debt just like yours. Mark has advanced postdoctoral training in Tax Law to ensure the advice he gives you is always up-to-date and on the cutting edge, regardless of the matter or agency involved.

Your first thoughts may include:
Am I going to lose my house?
Am I going to be forced into bankruptcy?
Do I have sufficient records?

Whether you are taxpayer or a debtor, you do not have to handle this alone. You have the right to consult with an attorney, where you can be represented and protected from the government and debt collectors. Let them work on your behalf to help resolve your dispute.

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