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Consumer Debt

Consumer Debt

Debt settle

If you received a collection letter or are served with a collection lawsuit, you have a limited amount of time to resolve the debt. Consumer debt resolution is a compromise between debtor and creditor. Creditors consider that debtors will at some point incur unexpected hardships that affect a debtor’s ability to pay. These hardships are built in the interest rates to guard against loss and why creditors are willing to settle a debt that has been charged off.

In the event of a hardship, such as a job loss, business loss, divorce, theft of assets, medical bills, etc., creditors have the option of compromising a debt by accepting less than the total debt owed.

Our office has helped hundreds of debtors resolve their credit card debt. Although each debtor’s circumstance is unique, we typically resolve debts for 35 to 40% of the debt owed. Call our office today for your free consultation. We will work together to stop the collection activity and annoying collection calls, insulate you from the debt collectors, and resolve your debts.

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